What is MyCapture?

MyCapture is a new, convenient way to buy and print the photos from our photographers, including pics that didn’t make it to print.

Say hello to MyCapture.

New photos are typically uploaded within 24 hours of an event. Photos can be purchased by clicking the “Buy this Photo” button within an online article or by navigating to our MyCapture store, located under the “Printing” tab at the top of our website. 


Digital downloads are available for commercial and non-commercial purchase for an additional fee.

The MyCapture store will feature photos from local sports, events and community news. However, it is important to note, not all photos may be available for purchase. This includes photos that were provided and sensitive topics; accidents, deaths etc. —all will be deemed inappropriate to sell.

Whether you’re looking for something that happened now or awhile ago, MyCapture gives you the opportunity capture and own those special moments caught on camera by professional photographers of your own local community newspaper. Best of all, it presents an opportunity to own a piece of local history, and share with friends and family for years to come. 

We hope you check it out!

Click here for the MyCapture store