Political endorsement letters

With the post-Labor Day sprint to Election Day 2018 upon us, now is a good time to remind readers of our political endorsement policy.

Our opinion page is strictly used for community issues and political commentary — not free political endorsements, or letters publicly declaring support for a candidate or politician designed solely to influence people to vote for their preferred candidate.  

The Sun is mailed to over 70,000 homes each week. As the region’s leading source of community news, our editorial department is inundated with candidate endorsements, including form letters increasingly mailed from outside of our coverage area.

We value the free and open exchange of ideas and the political process, which is the cornerstone of our democracy.

But the only source of revenue to offset the cost of print postage and overhead for our free newspaper is paid notices and advertisements.

As such, we don’t intend our letters page to become a vessel for free advertising for politicians, drowning out other topics of local interest.

All candidate endorsement letters must run either in the form of a traditional advertisement or a paid endorsement notice not to exceed 300 words.

The paid endorsement notice will offer three sizes: 1.) $15 for 50 words or less; 2.) $50 for up to 175 words, or $75 for up to 300 words.

All candidate advertising must be paid in advance and include the person's name(s) making the endorsement. No exceptions will be allowed.

For more information on paid endorsements, contact Shannon Christian at shannonc@suncommunitynews.com.

Questions about letters, editorials and guest viewpoints should be directed to Pete DeMola at pete@suncommunitynews.com.